You are welcomed with a film studio MAKOSH.

Movie company,film studio MAKOSH. We shoot a film. Historical cinema, fantasy,
Alternative reality, comedies, patriotic cinema, Children's cinema, family cinema.

We shoot a film, would like to address to you under the scheme(plan) of Design financing.
The estimate is counted{reckoned}. The information on a site.
30 % from hire are offered. A reliable command, stars in leaging roles, cool a competition to Hollywood. 3 animation. Are ready to negotiations. Guarantors - consulting legal firm. Profit in a year, at least three times as much.

Movie company MAKOSH shoots a film. Actor's agency. Casting. It is spent casting to film " Immortal Leningrad ", " Paper cranes ", " the Mirror does not say lies ", " Miles sorry ", " Features of national rest ". Actors for roles of the second plan and mass meeting are required. Professional actors: their interests before producers and directors, PR-actions and promotion in mass-media, the help in carrying out of business negotiations, the help in questions legal and the copyright, the invitation on castings telechannels and films, shooting in commercial, the help in preparation of an actor's portfolio, the help in passage of videotests, promotion of children-actors.




  1. Demonstration of a product (simple display on the average plan): the goods, business, the company, the trade mark, a trade mark, a place.

  2. Use of a product/use of the goods, service, the trade mark, a trade mark, a place without comments on a product.

  3. Use of a product/use of the goods, service, the trade mark, a trade mark, a place with positive emotions in relation to a product.

  4. Verbalization of a brand: a mention of the name of the trade mark without comments and without display of a product.

  5. Specially created stage with presence of a product.

  6. Verbalization of a brand with comments and display of a product.


PRODUCT PLACEMENT - accommodation of the certain trade mark or the goods/service in a film, television film or the television program.

Introduction of a product in a work of art should be as much as possible natural, vital and adequate in the given situation. Characters cannot say advertising phrases if it does not mean a context of a stage (a joke, the reference{manipulation} to advertising, etc.).

From the art (cinema) point of view, participation of a product by non-standard image - is more effective on perception spectators since they are ready and adjusted on acceptance of unexpectedness, besides, they thirst for it and are disappointed, having collided with direct advertising rollers inside of a plot.


1. IMMORTAL Leningrad - under the order.

FULL METER, the BOOK, SERIAL the Whim of destiny has connected lives radical - talented doctor Feodor Beljaeva, its favourite - the adviser of justice Irina and the best friend Kuzma - the paleontologist, in combination - . Now they together conduct investigation of strange incidents - the died people come back in the houses, but behave strange and threateningly... In history such Leningrad events, as that - the summit and the dirty policy{politics} are intertwined also. Sources of events are covered in the past, in mysterious destruction of husband Irina, and the termination{ending} in hands of people, whose conscience and belief in goods can appear are powerless before desire of immortality. Dizzy tricks of stuntmen, an abrupt action, mysticism, 3D animation, cheerful medical students and a beautiful love story do not allow to carry film to one of definitions of film-genres existing nowadays. All tricks - only alive! FILM is devoted to the HERO TOWN to-immortal Leningrad And leningrads people. Goes casting FOR the MAIN FEMALE ROLES (the main female roles can be sold under the Hollywood scheme{plan}: wish to be removed, third of budget and to play we you shall learn), ROLES of the SECOND PLAN, MASS MEETING.



Under stories of the Japanese authors. Action is transferred{carried} presently and on the Russian ground. Some stories, connected by one hero, the foundling, the son of the unknown parents who have become{begun} by the thief, then an oligarch, but not lost advantage, the Belief, struggling with a harm in any displays of a life.


3. of " FEATURE of NATIONAL REST (a variant of the name)

Genre a satirical, social, musical comedy. Having received the editorial task about a writing{spelling} of custom-made clause{article} for the influential woman of fashion, the journalist starts to collect about it{her} a material, colliding{facing} with the most amusing situations. Unexpectedly the case reduces it{him} face to face with the heroine of its{his} clause{article} and other representatives, so-called, High society in an extreme situation, on sparsely populated island where properties of a human nature are especially brightly shown all. The journalist sees true essence of the heroine and its{her} satellites therefore not easy{light} decision to write the truth makes.

The purpose of a picture - to kill false idols, a patriotic and civil orientation.

Time of shootings - years{summer} months 2008. A place of shootings Valdai. At the moment the project is in a stage of negotiating process with all potential participants

Film is calculated on a wide spectator audience, focused for display on the central channels of TV and to release on videocassettes and other material carriers{bearers}..

The estimate is defined{determined}. Film will pass{take place} State financing and an investment of the several private{individual} companies and banks. Provisional cost of the project under the estimate - nearby 2 million euro.

The "star" actor's structure that is important for the further rolling history of a picture will participate in a picture only. Passes{takes place} .

Participation in a picture will accept ECOLOGICAL FUND " ISLAND LOSINYJ ". The civic stand of film and its{his} social orientation is considered.

LOGO will be on material carriers{bearers}.

The part of profit on a picture will be directed on target charity.

We shall be glad to your attention to our offer and mutually interesting cooperation.


4. the MIRROR DOES NOT SAY lies - 4 series the televersion, adventures, a scripwriter Vladimir Dadonkin (the journalist, "Afghan", the writer, the bard, the actor)

5. BACHA (SIGNAL the SPLINTER) - film about a platoon of scouts in Afghanistan, Vladimir Dadonkina's script

6. MILES SORRY OR To Paris WITH the SAMOVAR - a New Year's comedy, the script of writers: Lyudmilas Lis, Vladimir Guryanov, at Evgenie Voskresenskogo's participation

 In ROLES:Evgenie Voskresensky, Michael Porechenkov, Igor Zolotovitsky,

 Jeanne Epple

7. BIRTH TAKE place In ANY WEATHER - a social drama, an action, continuation of adventures of "Titanic".

8. the MOST FASCINATING GAME - full meter and 4 series the televersion - a detective, a melodrama, elements of a western, about work of the Russian consulate abroad, in one from the Arabian countries, about , a special warehouse and character people, in whose hands of destiny of many people and the Native land. The script in development.

The author: HELEN MELNIKOVA, the writer, the diplomat - the foreign affairs specialist, the orientalist



Historical films:


About Russian ROBIN GOOD



Under A.Aleksandrova's novels


SVAROG a tribe

 3. IRON MASK PETER 1 9 full-length historical tapes connected on a plot, but independent products. About the archeologist, the historian who has opened the new facts from a life of historic figures. RASPUTIN, Godunov, Peter 1...


Before a writing of the script greater work has been lead. Scripts are based on new discoveries. Original "bomb" which will turn all representation about history.

The budget is coordinated. Nearby 50 million euro. It will be translatedon 4 languages.




Verses, songs and dialogues - J.Rjashentsev,

Music - A.Rybnikov



David Tuhmanov


To contact us:8(903) 115-52-02

The general Producer of project


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